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Ciao Bella porcelain tumbler gives you an elegant and ergonomic sipping experience

Enjoy a daily source of beauty and inspiration with the Ciao Bella porcelain tumbler. Brought to life through a combination of modern 3D printing and age-old ceramic techniques, this elegant tumbler holds 12 ounces of your favorite liquid, whether it be a morning coffee, an afternoon juice, or an evening cocktail. Ciao Bella reimagines the shape of the traditional cylindrical tumbler. With undulating offsets and asymmetrical indents for your fingers to explore, Ciao Bella is wonderfully ergonomic and comfortable to hold. Designed to nestle together beautifully in a variety of formations, collecting multiple tumblers allows for a dynamic piece of art for your counter! Ciao Bella comes in three different finishes. Choose from Space Cadet (Blue), Mellow Ivory (White), and Light Periwinkle (Grey).

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