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ODO BODI ergonomic iPad shell balances your tablet on any surface, no matter the angle

Use your favorite gadget on the go with ease by attaching the ODO BODI ergonomic iPad shell. This innovative iPad case balances on any surface, at any angle. So you can lay back and relax while you watch a show or take it with you while you travel. With an ergonomic, curved design, this shell provides the versatility you need to use your iPad however you want. It mimics the contours of your body and the movement of your arms to act as a natural stand. In fact, it has a functional arm that lets you stand it up either way, and it folds against the contours of the case. Moreover, its ergonomic secure grip ensures you never accidentally drop it. Not only that, but its sound-enhancing grooves let you hear everything with ease. Finally, it provides full Apple Pencil support with a place to secure it and charge it.

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