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Airdrop Gaming Audio Radar LED display lets deaf & hard of hearing players "hear" moves

Designed for deaf and hard of hearing players, the Airdrop Gaming Audio Radar LED display lets them “hear” movement through state-of-the-art LED lighting. Enhancing anyone’s first-person-shooter gameplay, it’s especially revolutionary for deaf gamers. Furthermore, this peripheral gives you a visual cue, so you know the direction and amplitude of sounds. So now you can see where sounds—such as gunfire, footsteps, explosions, vehicles, and more—come from. This helps you react more quickly and accurately than ever before. Moreover, full-hearing gamers will love that this helps them determine sound direction from front to back. Simply attach it to your monitor or TV, and it intercepts the 7.1 encoded audio channels to present the audio through a series of LED indicators surrounding the monitor. And you can fully customize it from full RGB control to zone sensitivity and behaviors. Overall, it provides a more enhanced, all-around improved gameplay.

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