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Store, tote, and organize just about anything in Welli Bins washable storage bins. These plant-based, washable, and durable storage bins are the eco-friendly solution to all things wet, messy, and disorganized. Designed for active lives and environmentally minded people, these bins come in vibrant colors and have a soft, pliable texture. Lightweight and durable, they’ll take your gear everywhere—from the beach and soccer field to the garage and garden. Moreover, no matter where you take them or what you use them for, they won’t crack, shed, or lose shape. Made with sugarcane-derived EVA—instead of fossil fuels—they’re strengthened with strands of cellulose, creating a tear-resistant structure. In fact, thanks to the consumption of CO2 by the sugarcane plants, the base material is carbon-negative. Additionally, the company uses leftover biomass from manufacturing to heat generators and supply electricity to the manufacturing facility. So they’re good for you and the environment.

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