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Luma³ relaxation cube reduces stress & boosts your well-being through breathing exercises

Notice how life can get stressful and fast-paced, and you don’t always prioritize your mental health? You need the Luma³ relaxation cube for guidance. It reduces stress and boosts your well-being by providing 4 conscious breathing exercises. Every 55 minutes, it’ll gently remind you to take a 5-minute break to breathe and refocus. Or reset the timer for your schedule. But Luma³ isn’t just for productivity—it can also help aid restful sleep by guiding a relaxing bedtime ritual. This relaxation cube also uses light and color to bring you to a peaceful state. It doesn’t use a screen, it doesn’t track, and it doesn’t need an internet connection. Enjoy mindful play with the Light Sand mode, which aids mindfulness and relaxation when you need a moment to yourself. Finally, for every 10 Luma³ sold, 1 goes for free to a college or university to support young people’s mental health.

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