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Doddle built-in dog leash stays on your pet and allows you to save them in an emergency

Make walking your pet easier when you have the Doddle built-in dog leash. This pet accessory stays on your dog at all times to act as both a collar and a leash. Its short, retractable design allows you to quickly save your dog in an emergency because you can grab the leash; this would ordinarily take much longer if you had a traditional dog leash. Moreover, it allows you to conveniently switch between walking your dog on and off a leash. So you can let your furry friend walk freely in a park and swiftly use the leash to cross the road—all without having to separately lug a leash around and then pause to attach it to their collar. Finally, this accessory is compatible with dogs up to 40 kg, offers a 65-cm length, is washable, and attaches to a harness or collar.

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