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Francis Pike unbreakable magnetic sunglasses have frames with unbreakable magnetic hinges

Wear the Francis Pike unbreakable magnetic sunglasses anywhere for any occasion. And you’ll never have to worry about them getting damaged. That’s thanks to their uniquely designed crushproof frame, which has unbreakable magnetic hinges that detach under stress. Made of top-quality materials that value the environment, the flexible and durable frame consists of 58% castor oil and green polymer produced with biomass energy. Furthermore, the high-quality lenses offer a high-definition view and an antismudge, antiscratch design that can stand up to any activity. With these unbreakable magnetic sunglasses, you won’t deal with accidental breakage when you’re wearing them or they’re in your bag. So you can go on living your carefree lifestyle. In fact, the company’s lifetime guarantee states that if you break them, it will send you another pair!

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