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PEBLWEAR wireless music remote responds to gestures when you swipe, slide, or hold

Giving you control of your songs right at your fingertips, the PEBLWEAR wireless music remote makes your music listening experience a breeze. In fact, this gadget responds to three simple gestures: swipe, slide, and hold. Designed with a palm-size curved surface, it recognizes when you touch it and directly responds to your fingertips. Amazingly, its patent-pending Tangible Touch technology ensures PEBLWEAR can even work through textiles when they aren’t too thick. So you can keep it in your pocket and still use it without taking it out. This design ensures it offers a hassle-free, safe, and easy-to-use listening experience. When you’re keeping active and out and about, you can change the song without looking at your device. So, if you’re on a bike ride, you won’t have to endanger yourself by taking your eyes off the road.

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