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ZMH All-in-One Functional Manicure Gel is strong to last a long time yet removes easily

Do your nails at home so much easier with the ZMH All-in-One Functional Manicure Gel. Due to its strong colloid viscosity, it can maintain the effect of a great manicure for a long time. Yet it’s easy to remove it as well with 2% baking soda water. Moreover, made from natural resin ingredients, this healthy gel has no pungent odor. No matter your age or gender or where you live, the ZMH gel lets you easily do your own manicure. And it’s so easy to use to create different manicure styles without damaging your nails. Furthermore, it’s actually good for your nails as it can automatically repair colloidal scratches on your nail’s surface. With just one bottle, you get a gel that can satisfy 10 different manicure functions. Not to mention that it will keep your fingertips beautiful for about a month—without the high cost at a salon.

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