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SUISSEPAK BREATHE Collection eco-sustainable backpacks are high-quality for all needs

Take your bag with you everywhere when it’s one of the SUISSEPAK BREATHE Collection eco-sustainable backpacks. Impressively, this collection includes 10 backpacks and fanny packs that will be made from 1 million plastic bottles. Designed for everything from everyday wear to travel to sports, this Swiss-made bag collection blends form, ergonomics, and function. For example, the FREEMONT bag has a 180-degree opening and a 22.5-liter capacity for all your on-the-go needs. Furthermore, you can also choose the compactable ANFORM duffle, the sling BUILTEN with a USB charger, the waterproof FROZEN, and more. With such a wide range of styles, this collection has an option that will cover any and all of your needs. Take care of the environment as well as your belongings with the SUISSEPAK bags.

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