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FacePlant Sustainable Sunglasses

Fed up of breaking or scratching your sunglasses? Wish there was a better way? FacePlant Sunglasses solve that problem and are incredibly sustainable. Moreover, if you scratch the biodegradable lenses, no problem; pop them out, plant them in the ground, and pop new lenses in! The frames consist of 5 recycled plastic bottles, helping to contribute to a plastic-free ocean. Designed with the FLX Hinge 2.0, the FacePlant Sunglasses are super flexible, making them very comfortable to wear. In fact, they weigh just 31 grams, enabling you to run, dance, and play sports without even noticing them. On top of all that, they are indestructible; the FacePlant team has run them over with a car at 30 mph! Additionally, they provide UV 400 and Cat 3 protection as standard, and there are polarized options. Finally, there are 2 styles, the Crash Overrides and Wasted Weekends, available in 4 colors.

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