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Have your craft knife or fork always just a click away with the SoniCK multipurpose EDC utensil. This gadget incorporates an Olfa CK-2 blade for all your cutting and slicing needs—and it also has a fork! With its new, unique design, it won’t open or close by itself, or unscrew in your pocket, unlike other models. It’s also usable one-handed and made of lead-free materials, and it has replaceable parts so you can easily repair it yourself and keep it working forever! It’s available in two versions—metal and PA12 polymer. The latter is lightweight, durable, nonmetallic, and corrosion-proof, and it won’t scratch other things in your pocket. It comes with a custom-designed stainless steel fork with a mouth-safe cutting edge and is compatible with all shapes of Olfa CK-2 and 34B blades. Overall, this gadget is an everyday carry essential!

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