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infusinGo tea and coffee brewer is easy to use anywhere and controls your tea's strength

Make delicious tea or coffee wherever you go—or on the go—with the infusinGo tea and coffee brewer. This unique infuser changes the way you drink coffee and tea. Additionally, it’s easy to use anywhere, from your desk at work to the sofa at home. Plus, it lets you easily control the strength of your tea so you get the exact brew you want. With this setup, you’ll get a 420 ml porcelain mug, a stainless steel coffee filter, a stainless steel infuser, and a stainless steel tea filter. Each of the filters and infusers also comes with a silicone cap. Easily store and brew your loose tea and coffee with the infusinGo, and you can even re-use your used tea by simply adding more hot water. Finally, this tea and coffee brewer has a luxurious design with its golden marble texture on the mug.

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