Yellow Jacket High-Powered Stun Gun... Price: $149.00 (as of 02/25/2021 23:47 PST- Details)

MULTI-FUNCTION DESIGN: The Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Smart Cell Phone Case is the only 3-in-1 multi-function self-defense cell phone accessory for your iPhone 7/7s & 8. Protect yourself, protect your phone and charge your battery. Yellow Jacket’s patent design includes a highly durable, protective smartphone case, a detachable 7+ microcoulomb/5.0mAh stun gun and a built in 3800mAh rechargeable battery.
SELF-DEFENSE: The Yellow Jacket Stun Gun is one of the highest-powered (5.0mAh) stun gun devices on the market and is the only stun gun that recharges your phone. The stun gun is concealed so discretely into the smartphone case that it draws no suspicion or attention while carrying it in your hand and will be the best element of surprise. The loud, bright stun gun produces a painful sting with its 7+ microcoulomb/5.0mAh of stopping power that zaps your attacker into submission immediately.

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