CHEERBLE WICKED BALL | Premium Interactive Wool Cat Toy 100% Automatic, Rechargeable, Resistant, Waterproof Pet Toy to Keep Your cat Entertained | As seen on Kickstarter !! Price: $59.97 (as of 13/02/2020 01:43 PST- Details)

✔️ #1 AMERICA’S CAT TOY: artificial wool wicked ball as seen on Kickstarter and Indigogo !
✔️ AUTOMATIC AND INTERACTIVE CATS TOY: our 3 cat toys interactive modes activity levels keep your cat entertained for up to 8 hours + a secret snack hole !
✔️ SAFE, RESISTANT AND WATERPROOF: made for cats by cat owners with the strongest and safest industrial grade materials that can be used on any surface, even water !

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