2019 New Sleep Ring,Taykoo Real Time...

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【Curious About Your Physical Condition When Falling Asleep?】Go2sleep ring can help you see what happen in your body when you falling asleep.It can inspires you to live a better sleep by monitoring your various data of sleep from everyday sleep doze slumber even nap. It monitors your sleep time, sleep stage, AHI index, heart rate, blood oxygen, times of toss and turn during sleeping, and your sleep debts after bulit-in analyzing, to let you know if there was something may affect your slee
【Worried About Abnormal Body Fuction When Falling Asleep?】Don’t worried about it! Go2sleep ring can set an alert through the APP, when your blood oxygen saturation is lower than a certain percentage, the alert will be triggered, the ring will wake you up through vibration. And the abundant capillaries on your fingers helps Go2Sleep to provide significantly more accurate detection data compared to conventional wrist band devices, normally sleeping comfort guaranteed by the ultra-compact size whic