SLYDE Wedge Body Surfing handboard/Handplane... Price: $169.00 (as of 02/21/2021 23:29 PST- Details)

🌊 BEST QUALITY IN THE INDUSTRY SINCE 2010 – The Slyde Wedge manufacturing process is the most advanced in the industry using only the best materials that will last you a lifetime of fun! TONS OF FUN – Heightens the excitement of bodysurfing by giving you more lift, faster rides, and greater control.
👍LIFETIME GUARANTEE We stand behind our boards to last a lifetime and we guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship – HIGHLY DURABLE High-density Polyurethane foam core for a perfect combination of lightness, strength and bouyancy. A Flak Jacket TPUhigh pressure laminate outer layer technology for insane added strength, and never fade screen printed graphics. These boards will last year after year.

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