Sit and Decompress – The Ultimate... Price: $49.99 (as of 11/24/2020 09:44 PST- Details)

3 Minute Treatments – These 3 minutes allows your spine to decompress. While you decompress your muscles elongate, pressure is taken off nerves, your discs are able to reabsorbs water and nutrients to heal.
Fast Results, Some May Notice Improvement After 1 Treatment. Don’t be alarmed if this does not happen to you. It will just, give your body more time to respond.
5 Minute Initial Setup. From unboxing the chin up bar and harness and assembly, you can expect it to take around 5 minutes. Once the harness and chin up bar is set up, you can take the set up down and put back up within seconds. Leaving the set up in a convenient doorway is your best.

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