CANNED WIFI in a funny quart gift can... Price: $14.97 (as of 01/20/2022 13:01 PST- Details)

NOVELTY WIFI IN A CAN has become a collectors item for many of our Can Fans -but Canned WiFi has to be one of our funniest. It initially appears real, as if some new technology breakthrough has been canned, but nothing could be further from the truth. As you, your guest or the gift recipient explore the can details, the humor becomes overwhelmingly hilarious. In fact, Canned Wifi even works on airplanes.
ENJOY LONG TERM BENEFITS: Canned WiFi is not a one-off joke. Quite the contrary, it is a lasting work of art, a collectable, a conversation piece, something you’ll be proud to place on your coffee table, a book shelf, in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bath room or office. Throw it in your backpack or suitcase. Every time you or your guests explore this can, abundant laughs will follow.