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JUMBO DeskStand ergonomic standing desk offers adjustable heights to help your posture

Improve your work-from-home setup with the JUMBO DeskStand ergonomic standing desk. Stop stacking your computer on random boxes to raise its height. Instead, this sit-stand desk gives you adjustable height options. So you can get it just right for any position, thus improving your posture. Offering an ergonomic design, the JUMBO DeskStand is made of sturdy and good-looking birch plywood. Its natural look will blend in with any office space. As the sixth generation of this desk, it offers easy-to-use shelving that lets you change the height quickly and simply. Furthermore, its top shelf can hold two monitors and up to 20 kilograms! Made with a precision manufacturing process, it gets a handcrafted finish. Finally, it’s entirely biodegradable, offering an eco-friendly choice.

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