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The Galante watch contains a salvaged piece of Lamborghini Gallardo

This Swiss timepiece contains a piece of a reclaimed Lamborghini Gallardo. Due to the unique markings of each piece, each watch is one-of-a-kind. The collection consists of 1,600 watches in 4 colorways: Argento, Rosso, Marino, and Giallo. Hand-assembled by a boutique atelier in the Jura Mountains with excellent craftsmanship. The production line is recognized by the Swiss FH, guaranteeing their impeccable quality in design and engineering. The dial draws inspiration from the Gallardo dashboard, with subtle nods to its iconic design such as the 360° dynamic rotating subdials, ladder-step minute markers, and dual-toned lumes. Each Galante comes with a dual-deployment butterfly clasp, quick-release leather straps, as well as sapphire crystal on both front and back. The watch has a hefty weight to it and measures 42mm in diameter, meaning it easily fits most wrists. Overall, this watch exudes luxury and practicality for everyday wear.

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