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GullariBrush eco-friendly toothbrush has a high-quality design and replaceable heads

Take care of your teeth and the environment with the GullariBrush eco-friendly toothbrush. With a minimalist, high-quality design, this toothbrush uses replaceable heads and 100% biodegradable materials. In fact, the GullariBrush is made from sugar cane, and its activated-charcoal-infused bristles provide a super-deep clean. And they also use antibacterial silicone to stay clean. Moreover, you’ll receive it in an elegant package that you can reuse as a case when you travel. You’ll love the smooth handle in your palm and the soft bristles on your teeth and gums. Additionally, you won’t have to deal with any buttons or charging because this eco-friendly toothbrush keeps your dental routine nice and simple. Altogether, you’ll receive the Gullari kit, which includes the luxury handle and two replaceable heads.

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