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2020: The Best Year Ever (The Game) post-pandemic party game has fluid rules & fun facts

Play a game that mimics real life, only better, with the 2020: The Best Year Ever (The Game) post-pandemic party game. With fluid rules, this party game consists of a random hodgepodge of playful challenges and fun factoids. So it’s sure to keep everyone entertained. Great for up to 8 players, the game has you each pick your player—something you’ll remember from 2020—first. Then, everyone draws 5 point cards. Next, you each spin the COVID test side of the double-sided spinner. If you test negative, you then roll the dice and move! However, if you test positive, you’ll go into quarantine until your next turn. It may sound simple, but you truly never know what’ll happen when you land on a space. Will you cause a super-spreader event? Will you get more point cards? You’ll see! This game provides hours of entertainment for everyone involved.

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