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Work better with the FOCI 2 productivity tracker. Using a second-generation machine learning engine, it rivals EEG cognitive state tracking and is more comfortable than a headband. Simply clip it to your waist, and this revolutionary product intervention gives you a ton of information. In fact, its machine learning profiles your physiological states and translates diaphragmatic breathing patterns into productivity metrics. Moreover, its emotion records let you know whether you’re focusing, distracted, stressed, calm, fatigued, and more while you work. With emotion analytics, it evaluates your risk of frustration, distractibility, procrastination, burnout and anxiety that impact productivity. Use the in-work stats to get real-time metrics such as mental performance, flow traction metrics, and tension overload. Finally, productivity reports summarize focus metrics and tension level through the course of work. You’ll love that it sends you real-time tactile feedback when you are distracted or fatigued so you can adjust.

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