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Naked Court: The Card Game pushes boundaries while remaining a family-friendly activity

Take your tabletop gaming to refreshing new heights with Naked Court: The Card Game. It explores uncharted gaming territory with its unique gender matching mechanics and featuring more than 2 genders as the understood norm. Naked Court does this all while also somehow looking gorgeous, generating an addictive gameplay loop, and remaining family-friendly. It’s an updated take on the classic fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” But it expands and modernizes its morality tale with current concepts, and being laugh-out-loud funny with its outlandish creativity. In the game, you must first assemble their Courts of 4 Royals. Then, you must attempt to stay clothed as your opponents do their darndest to denude your Royals in “The Battle Royale”; because in Naked Court, when you’re naked, you’re out!

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