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Bluebox Co-pilot smart driving assistant is a dashcam, mile tracker, and diagnostic device

Use Co-pilot to take the headaches out of driving whether you’re a commuter, road tripper, or a working driver. This plug-and-play car accessory features four apps at launch: Dashcam, Securitycam, Milesaver, and Blue Mechanic with many more to come. It boasts interior and exterior 1,080p cameras. So you always know what’s going on inside and outside of your vehicle. You can instantly review recorded footage and export it to insurance companies. Moreover, this device can diagnose your engine light without the need for a trip to the mechanic. Also, it accurately tracks your mileage, so you can easily categorize them for taxes. Furthermore, it’s available in two models: AI and Lite. The AI model features a neural processor for future OTA updates like collision warning, drowsiness detection, and autonomous driving. Just plug Co-pilot in and hit the road.

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