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SuperGero fluorescent art toys are a limited-edition collection by 12 famous artists

Created by international artists, the SuperGero fluorescent art toys come in a limited-edition series. These glowing toys come from a collaboration between Whatsboxx and 12 legendary artists around the globe. Designed for anyone who’s at least 14 years old, these creative rotating 3D models are truly one of a kind. The SuperGero Series One includes 12 3-inch toys, and each one comes in its own sealed surprise box. And it comes with 6- or 10-inch limited art toys, so you’ll get a blind box with any one of the characters inside. Or buy 6-inch or bigger toys, depending on what you like. They include Sumoskull, Onislayer, Kiko Napalm, SG-83, The Lost Astronaut, Giro Graff, and Super Blooms. Additionally, there are Acherontia Atropos, The Bored Gyro, Superwujiro, and two surprise characters. You don’t know which character you’ll get until you open your box—so why not try and collect them all?

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