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Redux & Co. pilot-diver mission watches are named for navigation points across the globe

Adventure with the Redux & Co. pilot-diver mission watches. If you have missions to tackle, these five watches—VALOR, HONNR, SCOUT, ENDUR, and COURG—will help you. They get their names from navigation points that pilots use to chart flights across the globe. These five-letter waypoints are intended to be spoken so pilots can quickly transmit their location via radio. Made of aerospace-grade titanium, the pilot-diver mission watches are both hypoallergenic and 50% lighter than steel. While each timepiece in this series is beautiful, it doesn’t have any distracting logos or pointless text. Moreover, they offer high visibility that makes them great for in-cockpit use. True pieces of adventure equipment, these Redux & Co. watches draw their power from your movement and boast resistance to scratches and water up to 600 feet deep. Finally, with superluminova luminous paint, they ensure you can read the time no matter how dark it is.

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