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HUD multilayer glove protects your hands during dishwashing at both work and home

Kiss cracked skin and bleeding palms goodbye with the help of the HUD multilayer glove. HUD means skin in Swedish, and it seeks to protect the largest organ on your body. Improving on a well-known product that hasn’t seen development in ages, the HUD glove provides an innovative solution for people who expose their hands to water, dust, and chemicals. These gloves absorb moisture in the inner layer, eliminating contact between the skin and sweat. Not only that, but they also have horizontal and vertical wicking as well as high absorbency. Many gloves are made with silicone or latex, creating a sweaty and isolating environment, but this multilayer glove provides better fit and breathability. What’s more, the brand prioritizes sustainability and stylish design as well. Finally, made in black with light grey details, the elegant, simple gloves work great everywhere. Plus, they provide a precise fit and won’t fall off.

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