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Keyboardio Model 100 customizable mechanical keyboard keeps wrists in a neutral position

Upgrade your desk setup with the stylish Keyboardio Model 100 customizable mechanical keyboard. This computer accessory features keys in columns, making them easier to reach without having to contort your fingers. In fact, the angled keys ensure that your wrists remain in a natural, neutral position. Crafted with curved palm rests, it supports your palms and wrists. And this design prevents your wrists from bending while you type. Moreover, this customizable mechanical keyboard includes 64 hot-swappable MX-compatible mechanical keyswitches. These feel more comfortable to type on than rubber domes, making the Keyboardio Model 100 great for daily typists. Each keyswitch has an individual RGB LED under the custom-sculpted keyboard for a stunning design that will literally light up your desk. All the while, this keyboard boasts a wooden design with an array of character, texture, and luster that’s simply stunning.

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