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DOORWING safety door lock and finger guard keeps your kids and pets out of danger at home

Prevent hand and paw injuries at home with the DOORWING safety door lock and finger guard. This at-home safety gadget features a bumper that prevents a door from fully closing, helping to avoid finger injuries while keeping the door locked. Adjustable and suitable for various door frames, attach DOORWING to any doorway in your home that’s common access for kids and pets. It’s easy to install, and there’s no need for tools, drills, or glues. Best of all, it leaves your doors completely damage-free. DOORWING lets you lock interior doors while leaving a gap, which you can adjust in case your cat needs to fit through. Additionally, take it with you anywhere for peace of mind. Small and portable, it’ll fit in your bag to take to grandma’s house or on vacation. Finally, you can even use it solely as a finger pinch guard while keeping your door unlocked.

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