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SPOTU advanced fitness wearable lets you set goals and coaches you to reach them

Take your exercise game up a notch with the SPOTU advanced fitness wearable. With this gadget and its connected app, you can set fitness goals, and it’ll keep you motivated to achieve them. Even when you’re working out at home on your own, this fitness technology gadget helps you take it to the next level. This performance tracker identifies and distinguishes individual movement, and it can accurately count the number of repetitions in routine-based exercises. So you don’t have to worry about counting reps—just focus on your moves. Use the app to track your performance and get real-time workout analytics. Furthermore, choose from SPOTU PRO, which tracks heart rate, motion, body temperature, and breathing, or SPOTU LITE, which tracks only heart rate and motion. Finally, enjoy tailored YouTube videos to help you push yourself, and get more from your workouts with SPOTU.

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